Technique by which access to Internet or Intranet resources requires the user to identify himself or herself using a name and password.

The maximum volume of data that can be sent over a communications network.

A software program that interprets the computer code on a web page into graphics and text so it is viewable. The most popular is Microsoft Explorer.

A type of connection where you use a modem to connect to another computer or an Internet provider over the phone lines.

Domain Suffixes
The three-digit suffix of a domain can be used to identify the type of organization. These extensions found at the end of a URL or e-mail address signify a category of web site, such as commercial(.com). Each country also has its own extensions such as United States (.us), Russia (.ru), France (.fr).

  • .edu = Educational
  • .net = Network
  • .org = Organization
  • .int = International
  • .gov = Government
  • .mil = Military
  • .tv = Tuvalu
  • .cc = Cocos Islands - Keelings
  • .firm = An ending of an address for an internet site for a business.
  • .store = An ending of an address for an Internet site that is for a retail business.
  • .web = An ending of an address for an Internet site that is about the World Wide Web.
  • .nom = An ending of an address for a personal site on the Internet.
  • .nato = A top-level domain name used for NATO sites.
  • .mil = A top-level domain name for a U.S. military site on the Internet.
A company's or group's Internet identity for the e-mail and the www, such as

Domain Name Lookup
The Process of converting a numeric IP address into a text name (for example, 200.300.400.500 is converted to

Bring a file from another computer to yours.


Electronic mail (an e-mail address usually consists of a user name, the @ sign, and the domain name)

File Transfer Protocol is a standard method of sending files between computers over the Internet.

Graphics Interchange Format is an image file format commonly used in HTML documents.

An action on the Website, such as when a user views a page or downloads a file.

Home Page
The main page of a Web site. The home page provides visitors with an overdrive and links to the rest of the site. It often contains or links to a Table of contents for the site.

Hosting (also known as Web site hosting, Web hosting, and Webhosting) is the business of housing, serving, and maintaining files for one or more Web site(s).

HyperText Markup Language, the computer codes used to program Web pages.

Internet service provider; provides a direct connection to the backbone of the Internet.

Link or Hyperlink
Ways to jump from one Web page to another, without having to type or remember a new URL. Text links will usually be underlined and a different color then the rest of the text.

The operating system (i.e. Windows 95, Windows NT, etc.) used by a visitor to your web site.

An established method of exchanging data over the Internet. Referrer URL of an HTML page that refers to your Web site.

An HTML page which passes variable back to the server.

Search Engine
An electronic encyclopedia that allows you to query the www for topics of interest using keywords. Popular ones include Google and Yahoo.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
A commonly-used protocol for managing the security of a message transmission on the Internet.

Large, powerful computer Internet service providers use to send and retrieve Web pages and e-mail.

Server Error
An error occurring at the server. Server errors are in the 500-range.

Shopping Cart
An application for e-commerce sites which allows users to stockpile more than one item for purchase and to buy them all at one transaction.

Unsolicited e-mail sent to a large number of people, usually in an attempt to sell products or services.

Targeted E-Mail
A marketing campaign that involves sending a mass e-mail to many individual e-mail addresses. Targeted e-mail is very different than spam in that the e-mail is sent to individuals who have previously requested that information be sent to them regarding a specific interest.

Uniform Resource Locator, address for a web site (i.e.